Equity Investments Services

In the highly volatile market space, the risks involved with the equity business are big. This is where Incredible Growth brings in its experience and expertise to minimize your risk and multiply the value of your equity investment. Our advisors can show you how equity investments can provide growth in the value of your investments over the long run, and advise an appropriate percentage allocation to equity, based on individuals risk tolerance.
our evitable record of research services stands as a validation that we are the well versed to handle your investment needs.

Discretionary management:

At Incredible Growth we have team of people dedicated & specialized in management of direct equity portfolio. We choose investment strategies corresponding to our investor profile which covers

  • Risk levels
  • Tax positions
  • Income/growth requirements

Clients are not involved in day to day management of their investments but will be kept informed with regular portfolio valuations. With our understanding of asset allocation, the nature of markets and the business cycle, we are able to construct a meaningful & long term plan of investment for our clients.